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Water Biomes

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Did you know that water covers about 75% of our Earth? Our Earth has many unique plants and animals that live in that precious 75% of water.
This website is designed to help you understand how scientists categorize different types of water. The water on Earth is categorized by biomes. A biome is a ______________________________________________________.
As you explore this web site you will become familiar with the two major categories of water biomes--freshwater and marine.
To learn more about each water biome, click on the navigation bar listed above. When you are done learning about biomes, challenge yourself to the Water Biome Quiz (also located on the navigation bar).
Remember, to let your learning begin you must click on the navigation bar listed above!

Freshwater Biomes consist of three subcategories:
1) ponds and lakes
2) streams and rivers
3) wetlands

Marine biomes include three subcategories:
1) oceans
2) coral reefs
3) estuaries

Click on the navigation bar above to learn about the different biomes.